In Dubai where a new restaurant opens up pretty much everyday, it's very hard to find one to remember, but let it be known that Maison Mathis is a a little hidden gem. Clean, white and simply beautiful, the decor inside Maison Mathis is very Parisian chic - envisioning being in a little cafe in Europe. The dim lighting and soft music set the mood for dinner. Maison Mathis is a chain of internationally based restaurants, sharing its culinary expertise and Belgian roots from the States to the Emirates. Trying out fine dining recipes for the first time, i was more than excited to see what they had in store for us.

Starting off with a refreshing Asian Passion mocktail, a concoction of fresh mango juice, passion fruit puree, cinnamon syrup and mint leaves, a delicious, tangy, sweet and sour drink. Not a bad start at all. Fist item that was brought out was the Traditional Tarte Flambee - which was topped with creme fraiche, white onions and thyme (traditionally including veal bacon but as a non pork eater i asked for this item to be removed). I loved the thin dough and the seasoning was perfect. Even though onions are one of my least favourite of ingredients, i actually found the crunch very pleasing. Next out was the Tomato and Goats Cheese Salad - cherry tomatoes, basil and croutons finished with almond crusted warm goats cheese. The tomatoes were very fresh and juicy. The spices used, the sauce and the nuts with the goats cheese was a fabulous combination! I couldn't get enough. The next dish was the Spinach and Chicken salad - spinach, chicken, mushrooms, sesame seeds tossed with balsamic dressing and parmesan flakes. Wonderful warm chicken that was just delicious, and the sesame seeds brought all the flavours together. Beautiful bowls of salad. Loved! The following dish was a chilli baby prawn and squid tempura. Lightly seasoned and the added chilli made this dish interesting and boosted the flavour. There are countless restaurants that create prawn/shrimp tempuras, but this has to be the best i have tried!

Four fantastic starters, and on to the main dishes. The first dish we tried was the Pesto Farfalle Pasta with basil pesto and sundried cherry tomatoes. In pasta choices, i always love a vegetarian option, and this one was no exception. The pasta itself was a tiny bit too al dente for my liking but the flavours all worked perfectly. The second drink that was brought out for me was a kiwi mojito, although not on the menu, a very rich flavoured drink, not your usual watered down version. Beautiful. The next main dish was Sea Bream with Provencal Vegetables, rosemary, red chillies and olive oil. Crispy on the outside and soft and delicate as you cut through. Soft peppers, zucchini, tomatoes. What a stunning dish - perfect taste and texture! As a side dish, we were introduced to their Potato Gratin, by this point i am running out of complimentary words to use! Just Wow. Texture was impeccable and the broccoli was cooked perfectly. How can they possibly beat any of this? Oh but they can! Maison Mathis didn't fail to impress. The next dish to come out was the Corn fed Yellow baby Chicken. Absolutely amazing. You could taste the high quality of the produce straight away, it was so good, almost unexpected that Restaurant so unpretentious could produce such incredible dishes! So on to desert. A Homemade Pannacotta and a Chocolate Eclaire. The eclair was delightful with the dark chocolate - different to the norm; and the pannacotta had a very nice texture, a rich flavour which was perfectly balanced with the cream. Hard to believe that Maison Mathis have only just recently started fine dining, as they have certainly mastered this art to perfection! Hats off!



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They have a really great lasagna and deserts. I just love this place!

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Such a delicate foods, thanks for sharing.

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Would love to try more of recipes like this.


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