The Pearl Spa, based in one of my personal favourite hotels in Dubai, the Four Seasons, is a a very relaxing sanctuary. The hotel itself is one of a kind, with a stunning garden and beach area, with a list of fantastic restaurants, i had to try out The Pearl Spa and see if it lived up to the rest of the hotel.

Walking into a wooden changing room, white towels and white orchids complimented the setting beautifully. A large vanity table which offered all that you would need; from hair dryers to hair combs and everything in between. The wooden theme continued throughout the spa, from the corridors to the relaxation room, where guests can relax, have tea, fruits, nuts, read a magazine without any disturbance. The facilities that the spa offers are, a steam room, sauna, indoor pool, jacuzzi, an ice fountain (perfect for using after stepping out of the steam room) and a rain tunnel (which is a pretty unique shower that has various colours, smells and sound).

I chose to try out the Signature Massage. A treatment that uses oud oil which is rich with rose and frankincense. A deep tissue massage which uses slow strokes and firm pressure (though i prefer light pressure personally so of course, the masseuse does what suits your needs) to ease stress. This massage is designed to leave your body aligned and relaxed with improved movement and circulation. My masseuse - Sai, was originally from Thailand, having worked in the Four Seasons Hotel there, i knew i was in good hands. She massaged my body with the exact pressure i wanted, making sure i was at the utmost comfort. Where i usually feel pain when the masseuse tackles my knots, Sai was so professional, she used techniques that opened up the knots with ease leaving me completely relaxed. I felt that even though the massage was the spa's signature, it was customised to what my body required. After the treatment was over, i felt calm, relax and completely fresh. A fantastic experience that i highly recommend. 



06/29/2015 2:11pm

06/08/2016 12:45am

Based on your review of it, it already really sounds like it really is a place or sanctuary of relaxation. The place and service that it offers is both very amazing, for it is unique and can be customized to how you want it to suit your taste and preference. Other sanctuaries like this tend to just give their standard offers and don't technically have the ability to customize it for you. The reason that I too would love to go to a place like this, and place my relaxation in such place. It is as if that anything really is can be done at that place, making it very much more amazing. They also have professional massaeuse there, which is great, for it is something that most people tend to look for when they want to have a relaxing massage.

04/03/2017 3:52am

Wow! I'm sure that this Pearl Spa is a very luxurious spa. I'm pretty sure that the service of this hotel is worth paying for. The place and the things inside of this hotel, especially in their spa is very beautiful. This is a perfect place to enjoy the moment that you have. I love every photo that you shared with us. I hope that you can post more interesting topics in your next article.

08/12/2015 2:26am

From your pictures the Pearl Spa looks really luxurious and expensive. It should be luxurious and everything you would expect from a high end spa because you have to get your money's worth. There's no doubt The Pearl Spa would not be cheap because it is located in one of premium hotels in Dubai. And from what you wrote you had a great and relaxing time.

04/27/2016 10:55am

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Spa is good for relaxation.


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