Getting ready for Fall, means embracing those yummy Fall flavours, and my favourite, chocolate!
Eyeshadow one (base): Mac Cosmetic's Bamboo
Eyeshadow two (crease): Mac Cosmetic's Patina
Eyeshadow three (crease and lower lash line): Mac Cosmetic's Brown Script
Lashes: Huda Beauty's Samantha
Liquid Eyeliner: Sephora's Long lasting Eyeliner
Mascara: L'oreal's L'oreal's Mega Volume Collegene 24 Hours
Pencil liner (upper & lower waterline): Bourjois' Kohl & Contour, Noir Expert Eyeliner

Lipstick: Mac Cosmetic's Verve
Lipliner: Mac Cosmetic's Vino





Since my move to Dubai about four years ago, i have been a die hard fan of L'oreal's Kerastase range. Trying between all the different variations to find that perfect shampoo and hair mask, and I've had many moments i couldn't think of possibly changing the brand because i sincerely loved the product. Finally i was ready to try a new brand. After going blonde, I've been in search of a shampoo and conditioner that can give me that hydration back into my hair, and voila! Never having tried the Redken products before, this is by far the best transformation I've had. And i say transformation because you can really feel your hair transform as you put in the products. And oh my, the smell is so yummy i could picture myself inside the herbal essence's erotic adverts. 

I always love learning new tips and I have been oblivious to this very simple but very effective method all this time, so if your already aware of this, then let it be a gentle reminder, and if like me, you had no idea, your life is about to change - or your hair, rather. So after applying shampoo and washing it thoroughly through, make sure you not only  squeeze the excess water out but also towel dry the hair before applying conditioner, don't go wild and start rubbing your hair between the towel because that only damages your hair more, but just twist your hair to wrench the water out and soak up the water from your hair with the towel. Do this before applying any conditioner or hair mask or treatment, and make sure to massage the product into the hair. As shampoos are created to take out the grease, you will lose some moisture, so the conditioner is designed to put back in the moisture, and on wet hair, its just going to slip right off.

I am so in love with these products, and already after the shampoo and conditioner my hair feels so silky smooth, but for even further moisture i use the Extreme 'anti-snap' leave in conditioner before i blow dry my hair, another scrumptious smelling product. You guys definitely need to try this, and let me know how it felt in your hair.

I love ombre lips, they look so hot, and it gives some dimension to regular lipstick applications. For these lips i used Mac Cosmetic's Vino lipliner to firstly line and fill the lips in, i then used Mac Cosmetic's Viva Glam 1 Lipstick in the centre and again went over the edges with the lipliner to perfect the look. Simple.

Visiting the silk production line is Bali, we went into their store, where everything was handmade. This beautiful makeup bag set which can be stacked inside each other, like a set of Russian dolls, are to die for. They are so cute, and the hand painted pattern with its rich colours are so stunning i couldn't resist but to bring them back with me. I  think they'd be perfect for travelling, where you can separate your lipsticks and shadows for example. Love!

The 'Tangle Teezer' is perfect for combing through tangled/knotted hair while its wet or dry. Ever tried brushing your hair in the shower, or even right after, and you end up with a huge bunch of hair being pulled out and you wonder whether you'll be bald before your dad? Well, with this little beauty, you can brush through without pulling out all of your hair, and its so pretty too, i love this pink and purple combination. It does come in a few colour variants, if this one doesn't quite tickle your fancy. The reason why i invested in one of these recently is because after dying my hair blonde, of course the texture became a lot more dry than before and brushing through the lengths became more difficult, and this is my solution to my little struggle and i thought id share it with you.

I created this look for a night out on the town with friends. A hot smokey eye with a stunning shimmer and long luscious lashes, teamed up with nude lips. Its so seductive, yet very beautiful and feminine.
Benefit's Browzings eyebrow kit in Dark
Mac Cosmetic's Concealer in NC20 (for highlighting/clean up)

Eyeshadow one (prep): Mac Cosmetic's Patina
Eyeshadow two (base): Mac Cosmetic's Carbon
Eyeshadow three (crease): Mac Cosmetic's Swiss Chocolate
Eyeshadow four (blending out the crease): Mac Cosmetic's Soft Brown
Eyeshadow five (shimmer on lids): Mac Cosmetic's Tempting
Pencil Liner (top & bottom waterline): Soap & Glory's Smoulder Kohl Waterproof Eyeliner
Mascara: L'oreal's Mega Volume Collegene 24 Hours
Lashes: HudaBeauty in Samantha

Lipstick: Mac Cosmetic's Honey Love
Lip Liner: Mac Cosmetic's Etcetera

For a friends birthday party, i decided to go for an understated glam, it was a house party so i didn't want to go over the top with the eyes, but still sultry and beautiful. I think this look could work for bridal makeup also, its not too heavy but the beautiful winged liner and luscious lashes keep it glamorous.
Benefit's Browzings brow shaping kit in Dark
Mac Cosmetic's concealer in NC20 to highlight/clean up

Eyeshadow one (prep): Mac Cocmetic's Patina
Eyeshadow two (base): Mac Cosmetic's Bamboo
Eyeshadow three (crease): Mac Cosmetic's Wedge
Eyeshadow four (outer corner of crease): Mac Cosmetic'a Najm El Lail
Eyeshadow five (glitter under eyes): Shu Uemura
Liquid Eyeliner: Rimmel Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Eyeliner
Pencil Liner (bottom waterline): Barry M's Kohl Pencil in 30
Mascara: L'oreal's Mega Volume Collegene 24 Hours
Lashes: HudaBeauty in Samantha

Lipstick: Mac Cosmetic's Creme In Your Coffee
Lip Liner: Mac Cosmetic's Spice


With my newly blonde balayage hair, i need a new hair care regime. I was advised by my hairdresser to purchase the Silver Gloss Protect System by L'oreal, to help transform the golden tones of the blonde highlights into a more ashy one. 

From my initial reaction, i can tell you that i was scared, i had never see a shampoo this colour before, a deep, dark violet (at first glance i thought it was black and freaked out a little,) poured out onto my hand! But soon after, it became quite ordinary, i used the Kerastase shampoo for the next wash, followed by the it's hair mask. Ive been a L'oreal Kerastase fan for quite some time now, having tried almost every colour they come in, to find the perfect shampoo. The latest i was using was the Bain Satin 2 for very dry hair, which was the stable choice for a while, however they do say you should switch your shampoo every so often, and not use the same one for as long as i do. So i decided its time for a change. New hair, new hair care. This shampoo smells so good and i love the packaging, especially the gold lids of both the shampoo and mask, screams luxury. And you can't go wrong with that, surely? Speaking of which, i tend to always buy the hair mask rather than the accompanying conditioner, even though you ought to leave in the mask a lot longer than a normal conditioner, i figure i might aswell go for something more effective even if i am using the same time frame.

We're all constantly looking for ways to save time. And removing nail polish is no exception, lets be honest, its not the most appealing beauty rituals but its got to be done as none of us want to walk around with chipped polish. And thanks to Sephora the whole process has speed up and might i even say become fun! The 'Express nail polish remover' is so fast and efficient, you literally put your nail in and rub against the already soaked sponge and out, and you have a polish free nail. It does however have one downfall, it dries your nails quite a bit, but not to fear, Sephora have also released their 'Instant nail cuticle care', which in the same quick and easy process leaves your cuticles soft and moisturised.

When i was in Sephora i also came across these new 'Formula X' top coats, which i thought were so adorable. I bought two of them, one with white glitters in 'Wham!' which would look nice on any colour polish, either across all your fingers or just the accent nail, and this fun multi coloured one 'Demolition' which i used on top of Essie's 'Vanity Fairest', a subtly nudish pink base complimented the pretty glittery top coat beautifully.

I also purchased two more of my favourite sponges, i love these sponges for blending in concealers or even foundations, they are amazing. Highly recommend them. And of course, for all you oily skins like me, Oil blotting papers are a must when your out and about, just dab your face where its shiny, and without removing your makeup, the shine is illuminated. :)

I love having my nails done, and i usually paint my hands myself, unless i'm travelling; then i tend to get shellac on my hands along with my regular shellac pedi. This means, I'm constantly on the look out for new colours to add to my ever growing nailpolish collection. I adore brights, bolds, pastels, in fact; any and every colour! However the collection of nudes and deep reds are secretly starting to expand a lot more. I think it's safe to say these are perhaps my favourite shades. I love the deep reds for winters and sexy night outs, and i do have a past love affair with this colour when living in cold London. Since moving to Dubai my obsession for nudish tones has definitely grown, being aware that this obsession had begun long before i moved here - but sshh. Of course, if I'm not wearing these colours, I'll be wearing every other colour under the Dubai sun!

The newest addition to my nail vanish family are these beauties from Essie. I know they look pretty similar in the image, but they are so totally not! I hope you enjoy them as much as i do, here's the list:

Vanity Fairest
Ballet Slipper
Sole Mate
and an 'All in One Base' which also acts as a top coat and nail treatment



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