Theres a little kid in all of us, and sometimes i like to embrace it and let her out to run wild and free! Having fun with my looks is part of that.

I found this absolutely cute buttoned down denim sleeveless shirt with little Mickey-mouse motif all over it. When i put it on, i knew i had to play with my hair to match that top. I put my hair into a little bow on the top of my head to imitate Mini-mouse. The whole look came together with a very bright pink lippy. :)

To make the bow with your hair, you pull your hair up in a ponytail on the top of your head, the higher above your head the better you will see the bow from the front. As you take the hair through the hairband, on the last turn, leave the hair in a loop and don't pull through all the way. Split the loop horizontally into too hoops, and with the remaining tail of the pony, pull over and above the parting of the two loops and secure in place with bobby pins. Adjust the bow as wide as you want and spray with an extra hold hairspray in place.
For the makeup i used a nude colour base as eyeshadow, then a slightly pink tone on the crease. I then used a darker shade, almost brick colour under the eyes and on the outer corner of the crease, and highlighted the tear duct with some glitter eyeshadow, just to add that magical touch of Disney a la Tinkerbell! And of course the brightest and cutest pink lipstick ever to finish the look.

Makeup Details:
Eyeshadow (Base): Mac Cosmetic's Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly
Eyeshadow (Crease): Mac Cosmetic's Bamboo
Eyeshadow (Below eyes and outer corner of crease): Mac Cosmetic's Brown Script
Glitter eyeshadow (on tear duct): Mac Cosmetic's Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Chilled On Ice
Blusher: Mac Cosmetic's Peaches
Lipstick: Mac Cosmetic's Impassioned

Outfit Details:
Denim Mickey sleeveless shirt: Primark
S Necklace: Saint Laurent Paris
'Moi Toi' Necklace: River Island
For this look, i firstly applied an off-white/creamy shade eyeshadow on the lids from the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette in 'Foxy'. I seem to use this shadow almost everyday, whether as a base or just as a stand alone colour. Its such a perfect colour, just a couple of shades lighter than my skin tone, lighting up my eyes. Secondly, i used Mac Cosmetics 'Cork' eyeshadow on the crease and below my eyes and blend blend blend. My usual liquid eyeliner and mascara routine. A white liner in the bottom waterline, and a black liner in the top waterline. A nude colour on the lips to finish off my nudist look!

Eyeshadow one: Urban Decay Naked Basics, Foxy
Eyeshadow two: Mac Cosmetics, Cork
Mascara: L'oreal's Volume Million Lashes
Liquid Eyeliner: Rimmel's Exaggerate Eye-liner
Black Pencil liner: 'Kohl & Contour, Noir Expert' Eyeliner from Bourjois
White Pencil liner: Barry M's Kohl Pencil, 30
Lipstick: Mac Cosmetics, Yash

Off to Soho to do some makeup shopping, i knew i would come back with my hands full, so i decided to opt for minimal makeup; at least making my face lighter than my hands would be! I applied liquid eyeliner starting from the half way point of my eyelids, very thin and slightly longer than usual. I applied white eyeliner in the bottom waterline of my eyes and highlighted the tear duct of my eye with white shimmery eyeshadow. Applied mascara to my top and bottom lashes. Using my trusty nude colour lipstick i applied a layer on my lips, then using the same white liner highlighted the cupid's bow and the middle of my bottom lip, gently dabbed a little more lipstick on the edges to blend the white in.

Liquid eyeliner: Rimmel's Exaggerate Eye-liner
White pencil liner: Barry M's Kohl Pencil, 30
Shimmery eyeshadow: Urban Decay's Naked Basics Palette, Venus 
Mascara: L'oreal's Volume Million Lashes
Lipstick: Mac Cosmetic's Yash


Living in Dubai, you notice how almost everyone has an impeccable sense of style and dress, and attention to detail is very important. Whether an employer, an employee or a lady of leisure, these woman know how to look nothing less than perfect at all times. Its the city of luxury, brands, fine dining and glamour, where you are adored for your sense of style or the shape of your eyebrows or the colour of your nails. Smiles are exchanged between you in the malls, like a sign of not just acceptance but like a deeper intellect; a silent conversation about fashion, beauty and style. Its as though looking into a painting and being taken away into the artists mind, and you smile once you understand, once you acknowledge that idea that first placed the brush on the canvas. Yes, fashion is not just wearing clothes or brands in this place, its the idea behind that brush that each lady is searching for. To be that mysterious painter. And nails are just the tip of the iceberg, but none the less an important spec of paint on the canvas.

With Dubai's warm climate, and access to pools and beaches, and multiple choices of open toe shoes and sandals, your toes have to always be taken care of. Every two weeks, i head to one of the 'N Style' salons in Dubai, whether it be in The Dubai Mall, The Mall of the Emirates or The Walk on JBR, i always have the same thing done; a french shellac in the exact same colours which i am totally obsessed with. I don't tend to use shellac on my hands an awful lot, only when I'm travelling and won't have the time to paint them repeatedly. I had this manicure and pedicure done, both in shellac before i came on my vacation to London, and as i'm here for my best friend's wedding, StyleSuzi, i opted for french for the hands also.

Base coat: Romantique
Tips: Cream Puff
In today's society where cosmetic surgery is so normal, it's hard to think of alternative methods of achieving the 'look' you want by different means. I'm not against surgery at all, if it makes you happy, go for it, but the trouble is, when will you be happy?  When will it stop?

I want to show you how you can create the look of fuller lips without having to go under the knife. Its very simple, very quick and very effective. Firstly find a lipstick that is a good few shades darker than your natural lips, (like a rose-y colour) then, find a matching lip-liner, as closest as you can. This can also work with reds or nudes, but personally i think this colour makes it the most effective.

Apply the lipstick first, as you normally would, then line your lips, just a tiny bit out of the actual line of your lips, please please please, when i say tiny, make sure it is! So once you've done that, again go over your lips with your lipstick just to make the colours blend in. And thats it! Let me know what you think of the results.

Lipstick: Mac Cosmetic's: Cosmo
Lip Liner: Chicory




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I went into the Mac store looking for a new lipstick, as you do. Minutes later i caught myself talking with one of the girls who worked there about all their products, one by one. I love learning new things! I purchased these two beautiful shade of lipsticks, like a dark rose colour which i think would flatter any skin tone, its not as bold as red, and not as playful as pink, but this shade seems so perfectly sexy, and you can wear it with heavy or minimal eyes. Love! 
I'm forever looking for the best highlight and contour kits out there, and coming across this palette with correctors, concealers and contour tones, it just looked so irresistible. Along with the kit the lady also advised me to buy these two brushes to use. The flat (darker) brush is for contouring and the angular fluffy white one is for buffing, and can i just say: oh my god, i absolutely adore this brush already! It is so perfect for buffing concealers or contours, whether in liquid, cream or powder form. I highly recommend this brush. Not 100% sure if the palette is what i wanted but i think i need to try it out a few times and see. Maybe i should do a blog on different contour and highlight kits I've tried and how i rate them. What do you think?

Lipstick (left): Verve
Lipstick (right): Creme In Your Coffee
Palette: Pro Conceal and Correct Palette (Medium Deep)
Flat Contour Brush: 190
Fluffy Buffing Brush: 168

Sometimes i feel quite dark and misty inside, not in a creepy scary way, but like i want to be a bit preserved and i wear makeup to suit how i feel (if that even makes sense). I mean, if I'm cheery and happy go lucky, i might wear a bright lippy, but if I'm feeling more rock and roll, i'd wear a dark lipstick, and if i feel like doing more observing than talking, i tend to go dark in the eyes. This isn't like a rule, don't get me wrong, but more like something I've came to discover about myself. The mood i felt before i applied the dark rich chocolate-y colour was very quiet, like i was just applying makeup and not thinking, not talking, not singing (yes i do that sometimes too) Anyway, enough with the psychology behind it.

For this look i used the Mac Cosmetics palette i showed you in a previous post, this time using the 'Najm EL Lail' colour, so the deep dark brown eyeshadow. Applying generously on my lids and below my eyes; don't worry if at this stage you look like a panda, it will get better i promise! I then, with a more nudish colour eyeshadow, blended all around the eyes, (so around the edges of what i had previously applied on the lids and below my eyes). Then, added some black eyeshadow (not too much) on the outer corner of the top, and bottom of my eyes, and blended the colours together. Liquid eyeliner on top, and pencil liner inside both the top and bottom waterlines. I then highlighted the tear duct of my eyes using the same Mac Cosmetics palette, in the 'Shroom' colour, and finished the look with lots of mascara.

Eyeshadow 1: Mac Cosmetic's Najm El Lail
Eyeshadow 2: Mac Cosmetic's Cork
Eyeshadow 3: Mac Cosmetic's Carbon
Eyeshadow 4: Mac Cosmetic's Shroom
Liquid Eyeliner: Rimmel's Exaggerate 100% black
Pencil Liner: 'Kohl & Contour, Noir Expert' Eyeliner from Bourjois
Mascara: Volume Million Lashes from L'oreal
Lipstick: Mac Cosmetic's Kinda Sexy

Dress: Massimo Dutti
Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I have always been a huge fan of the smokey eye. Though being an eyeliner addict, this was the very first time i created a smokey eye without the use of any liquid eyeliner. And i liked it! It has a slightly seductive and mysterious feel to it. As i have brown eyes, i decided to create this look with a gorgeous brown eyeshadow. I started with just layering the shadow on the top of my lids, and below the eyes (all around). Using black eyeshadow, i then layered on top of the brown eyeshadow, on the outer corner of my lids only. Blending the colours together and blending away all hard edges around the whole eye. Lined the upper and lower waterlines of my eyes with black pencil liner, lots of mascara on both the top and bottom lashes, and voila! So simple, you can't afford to give it a miss!

Brown Eyeshadow: 'Swiss Chocolate' from Mac Cosmetics
Black Eyeshadow: 'Carbon' Mac Cosmetics
Pencil Liner: 'Kohl & Contour, Noir Expert' Eyeliner from Bourjois
Mascara: Volume Million Lashes from L'



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