I tend to either go heavy on the eyes with nude lips or vice versa, keeping a balance. But of course, rules are never set in stone and can be acceptably broken in some scenarios. I don't mean for you to look like a drag queen and theres nothing wrong with minimum makeup all over, or even none at all, but thats not the topic of today. Have fun and experiment, what you like more, wear more. Contrary to believe, i don't think woman wear makeup to cover up anything, or to impress anyone, self love is after all the most important thing. Most woman don't need to wear makeup and the purpose is to enhance what you already have. I for one know that if i don't look good, i don't feel good, and if I'm lucky enough to have one of those days that my makeup looks impeccable, it definitely does help with my confidence and self esteem. 

Now lets move on to my look for today. As a brunette with brown eyes, i love to wear brown, maroon, dark, gold and nude colours, i think this brings out my eyes and compliments my hair and skin colour. These colours do also work with paler skin tones and green / blue eyes too, especially with some eyeliner it definitely makes those eyes pop out, however it might not be your go to colours on an everyday basis like silvers, greens and blues are not mine.

So for this look, I'm using the Mac Cosmetics palette. The colours on here are, (clockwise) Shroom, Soft Brown, Najm El Lail and Beauty Burst. As you've guessed by now the main colour used here is the latter. Keeping my lids nude i worked on the crease of my eye layering 'Beauty Burst', (don't apply heavily so you have to wipe off the excess) but gradually build the colour and blend as you go along with a blending crease brush, so you know exactly how much you need or want. Again, below the eyes i used the same colour working from the outer corner in. As you can see i applied more colour on the outer corners of the top and bottom leaving room for the inner corner to be highlighted with the 'Shroom' colour. A winged liner on the top of my lids, pencil liner along the top tear duct and loads of mascara to finish off the look.

Eyeshadow: Beauty Burst, Shroom (Both Mac Cosmetics)
Pencil liner: Barry M
Liquid Eyeliner: Revlon
Mascara: L'oreal
Lipstick: Mac Cosmetics in Yash

So it was the third day of the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, and my team (Italy) were up against England. In Dubai time, that was 2am, so i was almost half dead by the time the game started. But once it did, i was starring straight at the screen not battering an eyelash.

Originally we had intended to go out to watch the match hence why i was dressed and made-up  (obviously that didn't happen and we decided to watch from the sofa instead), otherwise i don't tend to get made up to sit in front of my TV at 2am, even if it is for my favourite football team in the World Cup.

I was planning to paint the flag on my eye lids at first, but thought the striking blue was a lot more effective - matching the kit i was wearing. So i kept the lids neutral and used quite a thick and bold line of blue eyeshadow from Sephora under my eyes. I also painted my nails green, white and red to imitate the Italian Flag. Hell of a lot of effort just to be sitting at home to watch the game. lol


So last night was the start of WorldCup 2014 Brazil. With Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull performing and setting the bar high, and beautiful nature inspired opening ceremony dancers and visual performers, i decided to dress for the occasion. Though the game wasn't quite as i expected, and being aired so late by Dubai time we were all pretty tired but nevertheless didn't keep me from having some fun with my look.

Wearing my official Brasil kit, i wore matching yellow and green colours on my nails and eyes. Using Sephora eyeshadows i used the yellow in the inner corner of eyes highlighting my eyes and worked my way out with the green shadow just below my eyes, subtle but still fun. Kept the rest of my makeup simple, wearing a nude colour lipstick from Mac in Yash (my current favourite).

I must say that i am and always have been a die hard Italy fan even though i love Brazil and Argentina. So watch this space for tonights game of Italy Vs England. I will try my best to stay awake until 2am to watch this important match!



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