Kactus by The Precious Drop is a premium organic skincare extract. It has a high concentrate of Vitamin E, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and Omega 3 & 6. So what does this all mean? The antioxidants stops the ageing process by stimulating cell regeneration, heals the dark circles and bags under your eyes, helps remove acne, brings back elasticity (which helps reduce saginess of skin and stretch marks), and its anti-inflammatory properties helps sooth sunburns. Okay so thats a lot of pros for a little bottle, right? I mean I'm not a chemistry savvy person but with all this information written inside the gold box and on their website its definitely worth a try, especially if your tackling with some of those issues mentioned.

I put The Precious Drop to test, and i don't mean for one day, but for a good two months now, as you can see, i received it on Valentines Day. So here are my thoughts and review of this product:

I used the Kactus at night time, after washing my face, and getting rid of the days makeup, i would apply the content to my face and go to sleep, allowing the product enough time on my face to do its magic! As the little bottle has a nozzle and is an oily substance i was a little weary to put it on my face, especially as i have oily skin, however once applied it completely gets absorbed and you can go to bed knowing your pillow will be oil free. And whats more, your skin feels fabulously soft! I used the product between 3-5 nights a week (whenever i remembered) for the last two months and and it was perfect timing, as it helped prep my face for my wedding day! The days after the application i woke up with my face feeling as soft as a baby's bottom (as they say) and more plump. My skin felt vitalised and i definitely loved my morning face after applying The Precious Drop the night before. And may i add that this little bottle lasts quite a while! I used four drops every night which covered my whole face and neck and after two months I'm still using it, and it has plenty to keep me going for the next couple of months. Im not a person that moisturises or exfoliates as regularly as i should, so with just a few drops a night i felt quite a big change in my skin.Im taking this little gem on my honeymoon with me, to help bring back the moisture of my skin after the many hours under the sun!  



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