So we've all heard a lot of hype about Benefit's recently launched Fake Up and Puff Off. Well i put them both to the test for you ladies. Firstly as always, Benefit must be by far one of the makeup brands with the most amazing packaging. I mean i don't know who this creative genius is but owning anything from this brand makes me happy just by looking at the packaging! 

Firstly, the 'Fake Up' is as written on the product itself a 'Hydrating Crease Control Concealer'. As cliche as it is sounds, it literally does as it says on the packaging. The concealer itself is in the centre of the 'stick' if you like, surrounded by the moisturiser product, so as you apply the concealer your applying the moisturiser at the same time, and the texture comes out creamy but very light, it doesn't actually feel like your applying makeup on, rather just an eye cream; but of course your concealing as you do. As the product comes out in this creamy texture unlike the dry finish of most concealers, no creases or cracks appear after. Now for the actually concealing? Its actually does a pretty good job. I wouldn't recommend this if you had really dark circles and looking for total coverage, but its perfect for every day use otherwise. I never actually wear concealer unless I'm attending events or on a night out or basically anywhere where flash photography is going to be used, so this is perfect for me for all other occasions. However I've only tried the medium colour, so i'd be interested to know how the lighter colour looks against my skin also (we all know I'm guilty of the too - light - for - me - under eye concealer, a la Kim Kardashian)!

The Puff Off is marketing at its best! With an image of a steam iron on the front, you open the lid to find exactly that, an iron shaped head, where as you squeeze the tube, the content comes out of the iron and you literally smoothen the gel product with the iron head across your skin. It even makes me laugh typing this. Its just pure creativity! Anyway, so the product reads, 'Instant eye gel to help smooth the look of puffies'. The content is like a creamy moisturiser. After smoothening along my under eyes with the iron i did have to use my finger to set the product in the skin slightly, and then a slight tingly sensation starts, and a few minutes later, your eyes will feel like they just had some sort of spa treatment on them as they feel wider open and somehow a little more fresh and less drowsy than before, and indeed your eye looks less puffy. and the product is completely absorbed into the skin. Ive even applied the product to one eye and left the other eye without and minutes later i ran my finger across my bags and i could actually feel the one without the product more puffy! Amazing! Perfect for those days your running out of the house late and your eyes look like balloons cause you woke up like ten minutes ago! :)



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